Elevate Your Style

Join our 5 Day challenge and learn the fundamentals of creating a successful outfit!

Embarking on a style journey can feel very overwhelming. It can feel like there is so much to learn and so much of your wardrobe to overhaul.

Where do you even start?

What if I told you that in just 5 days you can learn the fundamental style rules that can help you revamp your style and build your ultimate outfit without having to cull your wardrobe, make lists of what you’re missing or buy new clothes; introducing Elevate Your Style in 5 Days.

In our FREE 5-day challenge you’ll learn:

  • How to determine your perfect base outfit
  • How to add polish with accessories
  • The power of on-body styling
  • When to add a belt and why
  • The importance of footwear

Join the FREE 5-Day challenge and you will:

Learn how to define your personal style and choose clothes that flatter your figure.

Get daily tips and inspiration to help you elevate your style.

Have a simple step-by-step roadmap to follow so that you don't get overwhelmed.

Be able to complete the challenge in just 5 days, so it's a quick and easy way to transform your style.

Meet Caitlin Marwaha

I'm Caitlin, I’m a Personal Stylist, colour consultant and the founder of one of the largest style memberships in Australia, the CM Style Squad.

Over the last decade I’ve worked with thousands of women to help them reclaim their style and curate amazing wardrobes.

With over 10 years of experience in the styling industry, I have worked in Television Styling, Brand Styling, 1:1 Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Edits and Special Event Styling.

Passionate about supporting women to "get dressed with confidence every day", 2020 saw the introduction of my first online offering, The CM Style Squad, and my short 8 week course '5 Stages To Style' followed shortly after.  

Both programs have been incredibly well received and have since supported over 1500+ women in their style journeys. I now work almost exclusively online with 1:1 clients and my online services. 

What our community is saying

"Being a part of the CMSS is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only am I so much more confident in my own style, but I am part of such a beautiful community of women that are dedicated to lifting each other up. Caitlin has created the perfect space for women to explore different avenues of themselves through their personal style, and has created a cheer squad to help with everyone's confidence. It's the best club ever and I love being part of it. pretty sure I'll be a life long member."

~ Kelly

"Being a part of the Style Squad has been just what I needed to get my confidence back and find my style. Thanks to Caitlin, I am spending less money on clothes I rarely wear, and feel that I am getting more use out of what I do own! It is more than just a place to discuss buying new clothing, and I really enjoy seeing the other members share their outfits, individual styles and stories that often go with them! I love that we are a community who can support each other to take chances and try something new!"

~ Hana

"Joining CM Style Squad has been the best investment I have made in myself in a long time. It's my favourite place on the internet where I can connect with like-minded women. We all suppose and encourage each other, there's no judgement and it's such a beautiful community."


So what are you waiting for?

If you're ready to elevate your style, sign up for the 5 Days challenge today and start looking and feeling your best!