About Caitlin

The Long Version

One of the hardest questions to answer (especially as a stylist) is ‘What is your personal style?’, it’s kind of on par with ‘Describe yourself in 3 words….’ UGH. Although I am a lover of trends, high fashion and pieces with elaborate and intricate details, my own personal style is quite paired back and true to only ONE rule – Comfort first. I believe style doesn’t have to be complicated nor fashion pretentious. Looking good, feeling great and having fun with your wardrobe is achievable for everyone, and supporting women on this journey is my biggest passion. I don’t believe in dictating what someone should wear (or buy), fashion and style is so personal and subjective. I approach each client as a partnership in which we collaborate together to reach their desired style outcome. Confidence, empowerment, ease and elevation are usually what we strive for, and achieve.

I have a strong retail background which means I understand the ins and outs of customer experience, trends, marketing and seasonality. This allows me to take all the ‘hard work’ out of shopping for you and ensure that you never dread a trip to the shops again. It also means I never leave the changeroom in a mess. 


As a Qualified Personal Stylist and a busy mum of 2, I truly believe in shopping smart and wearing your pieces often. Versatility and a hardworking wardrobe are also essential pieces to my ‘style made easy’ puzzle. Having an innate sense of what works and what doesn’t is one of my biggest strengths as well as an ability to work with women of any age, any size and with any budget. Whether we connect through a one-on-one Personal Styling session, you join my game-changing CM Style Squad, or we just become insta-buddies, I am so glad you are here.

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